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Videomarketing for Mogodi Lodge

My first collaboration in South Africa is a fact! In March I traveled and worked through South Africa for four weeks and I had the opportunity to create a videomarketing campaign for Mogodi Lodge, in the form of an impression-video. During this trip I discovered new parts of the country, including the Panorama Route, the Kruger National Park, Drakensberg and the Midlands Meander.

On the panorama route I stayed at Mogodi Lodge, a retreat full of beauty and tranquility. The lodge is located opposite the Graskop Gorge Lift and the beautiful Mtitsi Falls which are definitely worth a visit, just like the other attractions in the area, such as the Lisbon Falls, God's Window, Blyde River Canyon and The Three Rondavels.

During the three-night stay I was able to produce photo- and videocontent as part of an videomarketing campaign for Mogodi Lodge. The videomarketing campaign included an impression-video and some additional high quality photos for social media and the website.

Below are the results on the focus channels we used to draw attention to the location, but first a brief overview of the end result.

Droneshot of Graskop Gorge, Mtitsi Falls and Mogodi Lodge
The main-room and bed of the Mtitsi Chalet at Mogodi Lodge
Aerial image of Mogodi Lodge during sunset

Based on both: statistics and communication, Mogodi Lodge and I jointly look back on a successful first collaboration.

And this is true, because the numbers don't lie!

In total, we have achieved the following statistics to date with organically posting content on Facebook and Instagram:

12,110 views generated, consisting of 4004 Instagram views and 8106 Facebook views
Reached 10,500 people, consisting of 2720 Instagram profiles and 7780 Facebook profiles
304 people responded, including 239 responses on Instagram and 65 responses on Facebook
851 likes, of which 458 likes on Instagram and 393 likes on Facebook
36 shares, of which 19 shares on Instagram and 17 shares on Facebook.

Curious about this case? You can download the full case down below for free!